Spicy Foods & Acid Reflux

Spicy Foods & Acid Reflux

My family and I went out for Mexican food the other night. I made sure not to get anything too spicy. No salsa for me. It gives me horrible acid reflux. I had a mild burrito with sour cream. My wife ordered a quesadilla with Jalapenos. This was a great way for her to keep her food to herself since I like to finish, I mean “try”, her food. The food was good and we even had leftovers. Well, during one of my pre-dinner moments, I saw the quesadillas in the refrigerator. I totally forgot about the jalapenos she told me about. I ate it so fast that I never tasted the jalapenos until afterwards.

It seemed a little hot. I remembered they were in there when I felt the burning pain deep inside my stomach. It’s amazing how good our memory gets sometimes when we have pain to remind us. I headed straight for the cinnamon T-Drops #5. They worked fast to calm and settle my stomach. It was so bad it came back but I just continued to fight it with T-Drops. The all-natural remedy for stomach discomfort really works. I knew it all along but, like to remind myself now and then. Spicy foods bother my acid reflux despite what others may call a myth. There is one way to find out. Try stealing your wife’s spicy food but make sure you have T-Drops ready. I guarantee if you are someone who suffers with heartburn or acid reflux, you will be popping in T-Drops in no time at all. As of today we have given out over 200 packages.

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  1. Stephanie Graziadei says:

    Haha pre dinner moments! Priceless!