Do Cherries help with acid reflux and heartburn?

Do Cherries help with acid reflux and heartburn?

Cherries contain antioxidants that can heal and restore damage acid reflux may have caused. I am not a big fan of cherries but I love our Cherry flavored T-Drops. They contain cherry as well as a blend of teas to enhance digestion and reduce acid reflux. Cherries contain potassium and Vitamin C which help your digestion. They have also been known to help with gout. I don’t know if eating Cherry Pie constitutes as eating healthy, but a bowl of fresh cherries will do you some good. Cherries are a part of several low acidic fruits that are good for your digestion and reduce acid reflux. Remember, that it’s not just cherries that are going to solve your acid reflux problems, it’s a changed diet. Your diet should include cherries in it somewhere, sometime especially if they are in season. The only cherries I remember were on the top of a big Ice cream Sunday and usually we just piled those cherries on the side like they were a decoration and never meant to be eaten. As an Italian, I also

remember Italian cookies that had a dried candy cherry on top but, I always took them off. I never had a fresh cherry until I moved to Portland Oregon. They had cherry twins that were not sold in grocery stores but could be found on the side of the road grown near hood valley in Oregon. They had thousands of beautiful lush cherry trees on the roadside. On my way back to NY, my wife had me stop on the side of the road to pick up some “Cherry twins” as we may not see them again in a long time. I will never forget my wife eating cherries and happily spitting seeds out the car window over three states. She got pretty good at spitting those seeds so they went clear out the window and off the road. It was a scene to remember. My father in law developed a chronic cough from his heart medication. He also has acid reflux but was reluctant to take anything for it do t not wanting any complications with his medications so my wife decided to make a cherry T-Drop that helps not just reduce acid reflux but reduces coughing too. It contains over ten different kinds of teas, one of which is wild cherry bark herbal Tea. We can all benefit from adding some cherry to our diets. After all, Cherry is one of the world’s oldest cultivated fruits dating back to 300BC. Now, T-Drops make it even better.



  1. Cassandra Moore says:

    From personal experience, I’ve found Cherries (Raineer Cherries to be exact) Rather helpful in fighting heartburn and acid reflux. Having something this fresh and tasty is great considering I’m Celiac, and can’t have anything with the slightest bit of gluten/soy/barley in it. Such a refreshing way to help an upset stomach!