Improved Tea-Drop Formula

Improved Tea-Drop Formula

We have just improved are Tea-Drop formula making them even better that before.
The new formula helps to prevent Tea-Drops from crystalizing and getting soft too
quickly as anyone making hard candy may be well aware of is always a challenge.

Tea- Drops are Fast acting heartburn relief!
A Tea-Drop is a lozenge made from a special blend of Herbal Teas specifically designed
to reduce heartburn and acid reflux.

Until you try them you wont believe how well they work and how great they taste.
Now with the improved formula the smooth sensation lasts even longer. Don’t worry if
you tried them previously the crystallization does not reduce how Tea-Drops work
fighting acid reflux and heartburn but it does change the texture and taste some.

Sorry to our customers who like them crystalized. Let us know and we will do our best
to help you get them like that.


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