Cinnamon and Honey Tea-Drops

Cinnamon and Honey Tea-Drops

Cinnamon Tea-Drops are great for getting rid of heartburn. They taste really good and do a great job to make your tummy feel better.

Our Honey Tea-Drops are so soothing on your throat and settle your stomach from acid reflux and indigestion.

All Tea-Drops are made from our special Tea formula and offers users a great taste that has many benefits.

Its time to get rid of chewing that chalky calcium and swallowing that Purple Pill that can really do you in. Stop trading your temporary heartburn and Acid reflux

relief for the side affects they offer in return. Tea-Drops are all natural solution and only offers soothing benefits with a great taste. I use to use the Purple Pill

and Chalky substance but now I’m free to enjoy my food without worrying about that acid reflux and heartburn.

Tea-Drops offers that freedom. I just take a Tea-Drop if symptoms arise. Its like a dessert to my meal because they taste so wonderful.

Try some today.Cinnamon Tea-DropsHoney Tea-Drops


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