About Us

Sam and Cynthia are just normal people who work hard, promote family values, and appreciate natural applications. A couple years back Sam started coughing nonstop. He couldn’t find out what the problem was and it was very annoying at meetings, in movies, and at dinner with family. Of course, He first went to the doctor’s office and they scoped and tested and gave him a bunch of Nexium samples. Nothing worked consistently. The Medicine made it worse, especially when he ran out. Then the bomb hit when he found out how much it was going to cost to refill a prescription through his insurance, not to mention all the side effects his wife was telling him about through her research about these medications, especially proton pump inhibitors. So they went on a search for a solution and, with some divine providence, they came across some all-natural solutions that would work. It didn’t stop there. Cynthia, being the great cook that she is, and abundantly creative, began researching, mixing, matching, and cooking. Sam became the guinea pig and did not mind much because she always made things taste great. They began to share T-Drops with friends. As they did, their friends shared other problems they were having with acid reflux, indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and stomach issues related to Crohn’s disease. Cynthia again started researching, mixing, matching and cooking and they have been amazed at the results. They never thought they would be able to offer free samples and people would be asking them for more. It seems that most people love an all-natural product that not only tastes great but also helps solve many of their discomforts. Tea-Drops: A Natural Remedy For Stomach Discomfort