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John from Long Island, NY

Says Tea-Drops “were great they calmed my upset stomach down and they also stopped my coughing better then any cough drop that I have ever tried”.

He commented on doubling his Tea-Drop order because they worked so well.

        Paula from Herkimer, NY

        Says Tea-Drops “Soothed my sore throat”.

         She commented on liking the Cinnamon Tea-Drops.

Richard from Ilion, NY

Says Tea-Drops “works faster than any product I have used”.

He discussed how he has suffered with acid reflux and heartburn for years.

Deb from Susquehanna, PA

Says Tea-Drops “Each helped if I was coughing. Shared with others too & it helped them; Overall the soothing taste”.


Susan from Scotia, NY

Says Tea-Drops benefited because “acid reflux was less severe”

She has suffered for too many years.

Anna from Utica, NY

Says Tea-Drops “helped with nervousness and upset stomach”

She also commented on how she loves them and has suffered with acid reflux for 5 years. She loves the Spearmint.


Kerry from Utica, NY

Says Tea-Drops ” helped calm reflux” “I can’t find anything like Tea-Drops- Anywhere!”

She went on to discuss how she searched for something like them everywhere and could not find them. She has been suffering for over 10 years and loves the Clove and Honey Ones.


Estelle from Ilion, NY

 Says Tea-Drops ” Relieved some heartburn”

She says she has suffered for two years and would love to try the Chai Tea Drops.


Jeni from Utica, NY

Says Tea-Drops “Calms my stomach after eating.”

She also shared how much she loves Tea-Drops and has had stomach issues for 4 years.


Christina from Yorkville, NY

Says about Tea-Drops “I just like them/relieve heartburn.”

She has been looking for heartburn relief for 2 years and loves the Spearmint, Cinnamon, Cherry, and Licorice Flavor T-Drops.


Francesca from Utica, NY

 Says about Tea-Drops “Relieved heartburn; helped settle my stomach”

She commented on how nice Tea-Drops smell and taste.


Patricia from Albany, NY

Says about Tea-Drops “Soothing-Pleasant Tasting-Natural Heart burn relief… In between dinner suckers”

She also described how she has been suffering with heartburn for 40 years and loves Tea-Drops.


Terry from W. Violet, NY

Says about Tea-Drops “Every now and then I will get indigestion and when I used your Tea-Drops it took away the indigestion, and it tastes so much better than Tums”

He went on to explain that his mother gets stomach pain and when  she tried Tea-Drops it took away her stomach pain too.